Ground Cardamon (100g)

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Dietary Info

VeganKosherGluten FreeNon-GMO

Unlock a world of exotic flavors with BCC Foods Ground Cardamom, the aromatic spice that will transport your taste buds to distant lands. Carefully sourced and finely ground, our cardamom offers a luxurious addition to both sweet and savory dishes, enhancing every bite with its distinctive aroma and taste.

Why choose BCC Foods Ground Cardamom?

  • Exquisite Flavor: Immerse yourself in the rich and complex flavor profile of cardamom, characterized by hints of citrus, mint, and spice, perfect for adding depth to your culinary creations.
  • Culinary Versatility: From baked goods and desserts to curries, stews, and beverages, our ground cardamom adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to a wide range of recipes, making it a staple spice in kitchens around the world.
  • Aromatic Delight: Delight your senses with the enchanting aroma of freshly ground cardamom, which infuses your kitchen with warmth and comfort with every use.
  • Quality Assurance: Our cardamom is sourced from the finest producers and meticulously ground to preserve its freshness, flavor, and potency, ensuring a premium spice experience.

Experience the magic of BCC Foods Ground Cardamom and elevate your culinary creations to new heights of flavor and sophistication.


Vegan, Kosher, Gluten Free, Non-GMO.



Shelf Life:

24 months.

How to Store:

Store in a cool and dry place.


Cardamom seeds.

Calories 310,
Fat 7g, 9%
-Saturated 0.5g, 3%
-+ Trans 0g
Carbohydrate 68g
- Fibre 28g, 100%
- Sugars 0g, 0%
Protein 11g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 20mg, 1%
Potassium 1119mg, 25%
Calcium 383mg, 30%
Iron 14mg, 80%

*5% or less is a little, 15% or more is a lot